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Portusana® (EFLA®308) is Frutarom’s scientifically supported, branded purslane herb extract, produced from the finest-quality Portulaca oleracea.

Why purslane? Because this leafy green vegetable isn’t just appreciated as a culinary ingredient in salads and soups. Purslane—which traces its roots to southern Asia—enjoys a long tradition of medicinal use. In Near Eastern folk medicine, it’s treasured for its antidiabetic properties and high stores of valuable nutrients.

According to the World Health Organization, one in 10 adults will be affected by prediabetes by 2040. This is a condition in which blood glucose levels are slightly elevated, and it deserves serious attention as it indicates that an individual is at risk of developing type 2 diabetes—a condition that itself exacts a huge toll on the blood vessels, the heart, the nervous system and overall vitality.

It’s important that individuals take action to get high blood glucose levels under control as soon as they’re aware of them, and they can do so via weight management, exercise and eating a healthful diet. But when those steps aren’t enough—or even when they are—it helps to take a dietary supplement formulated to address blood glucose management.

That’s where Portusana® comes in.

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Health Benefits

Based on our data we find that Portusana® supports:

  • Blood sugar control / Glycemic index
  • Reduced glucose absorption
  • Weight management / Manage appetite

Mode of action

Portusana® helps control glood glucose level and therefore results in a significant reduction of HbA1c (glycated hemoglobin), the gold-standard for long-term glucose control. *

Portusana® induces the translocation of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4) from intracellular storage compartments to the plasma membrane in an insulin-like manner. As insulin resistance is characterized by an insufficient insulin-dependent GLUT4 translocation, this mode of action is of particular interest for insulin resistant individuals. **


* Portusana® Significantly improvement of HbA1c with purslane herbal extract in responding patients.

Purslane Extract and Glucose Homeostasis in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes. Wainstein, J., et al., J Med Food 19 (2) 2016, 133–140


** Portusana® induced the translocation of glucose transporter 4 from intracellular storage compartments to the plasma membrane in an insulin-like manner.

Biomolecular characterization of putative antidiabetic herbal extracts. Stadlbauer.V., et al., PLoS ONE 11(1) :e0148109. Doi :10.1371/journal.pone.0148109


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